Holidays in Bulgaria Почивка в България

1. Privacy of personal information

RentByOwnerbg handles all personal information with complete confidentiality. Personal information is stored securely and accurately and will not be sold or disclosed, unless required by law, without your explicit permission. We reserve the right to disclose your information to any new owner should we enter into a sale/merger with another business entity. Changes to our services or the law may require occasional changes to our privacy policy. However, all such changes will be posted on our website.

2. Accuracy of property information takes no responsibility as to the accuracy of the information on the website. The property details content is the sole responsibility of the owner or agent of the property displayed. has not reviewed the accuracy of the information in property ads. We encourage renters to confirm the information provided by property owners. is not liable under any circumstances for inaccurate or misleading information provided by property owners or agents.

3. Copyright
The property owners and/or their agents warrant that they own the copyright of material posted on their property ads. Rentbyownerbg has a continuing permission to use the Material at no cost for promotional purposes. Rentbyownerbg is not responsible for any cost or damages arising from any violation of copyright arising from the use of the promotional material. All material and software on Rentbyownerbg is copyright protected and cannot be used for purposes other than personal use.

4. Continued use of this site
This site can be used only if property owners and their agents agree not to use it for purposes that are prohibited by law, applicable regulations, against the interests of Rentbyownerbg, or the terms and conditions. The continued use of the site also signifies that property owners and their agents indemnify Rentbyownerbg from any loss, damage or costs arising from the violation of these conditions or any other legal obligation related to the their conduct on the site. We reserve the right to suspend a property ad if we receive a substantial number of complaints from users or if the ad displays material (including photographs, links, text or e-mails) that is unsuitable in the context of this service.

5. Design and functionality of this website
Rentbyownerbg has the right to make changes to the design and content of any parts of the website including the property ads. Rentbyowner is not responsible for any damages, losses or costs arising from changes to the design of the website or the material. We do not guarantee that the operation of the web site will be uninterrupted or error free. If the event of an interruption or errors, Rentbywonerbg is not liable for any damages, costs, or lost profits.

6. Properties
Each ad on Rentbyownerbg represents one property. Property owners cannot enter one ad for multiple properties without an explicit prior permission. If such permission is not granted, Rentbyownerbg reserves the right to alter the property ads to satisfy this requirement and to remove the property ad if advertisers continue to misuse their space on Rentbyownerbg. Similarly, property ads refer a specific holiday property and cannot be changed during the course of a payment period to advertise different properties. Rentbyownerbg reserves the right to suspend an ad if a property owner is found to exchange properties.

7. Refund policy
Advertisers have one week to request a refund of their annual fee after making a payment. Simply e-mail us with request and information on your preferred way of sending the refund. We will make the refund less a 10 euro administration fee.

8. Changes to pricing and the terms and conditions
Rentbyownerbg reserves the right to change the pricing and the terms and conditions without notice. The new pricing rates will apply to new advertisers and to the renewal payments of existing advertisers.